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Three bitches and one horny guy – part 2

The guy slowly strips down Klara while touching and kissing her everywhere, showing her perfect skinny body to us. Julia and Misa in their minidresses guide the whole shooting and fucking – and the view is stunning!

Three bitches and one horny guy – part 1

Check out this preparation of whorish Klara. Both assistants do the best to make her feel even more sexy and wanted and the guy can only sit and watch three beautiful chicks dancing around him, preparing one sweet pussy for his pleasure. Second part tomorrow. 😛

Darkhaired bitch prepares for pictures

Whorish Petra asks hot Julia for some pictures… so they spend significant time preparing Petra’s visage. She, wearing a nightie and stockings, having amazing makeup, looks suddenly so fuckable! Watch to see it yourself. 😛

Skinny chick in glossy boots – part 3

Clothes is changed and Zdenka dances for the third time! This time she wears pink dress and teases the guy as well as a girl behind the camera. Finally she cannot stand it anymore and grabs his hard cock… 😛

Skinny chick in glossy boots – part 2

After her first dance, Zdenka sit down to relax, having no problem with being naked in front of everybody. Julia prepares hot Zdenka for second dance of that day and it’s amazing to watch the transformation of Zdenka! When the dance starts, you can see how much it’s fun for her. 😛