Radka & Klara interviewed and getting into it

Once in a while you are so lucky to get a total beginner, for a modeling interview, who is also a total slut and really into it. I mean slut in the best possible sense of it : –)

This time I was double lucky, because I managed to get not one of those, but TWO at the same time. We had agree, through a common friend, to interview these two teenagers, both 18 years old, and take some pictures of them in bra and panties.

At first they were even shy to take off their shirt and jeans, “shy” in that particular lovely giggling way that teenagers have. But you can tell they are absolutely LOVING it ….

So they go on taking off their bra too, then they panties, then they spread their legs. Would it be ok to put a finger inside, maybe? “Maybe” is the answer (and more giggling…)ge_video_527_teen_girls_interview_fingering.wmv