She wants to be properly washed afterwards – part 1

This time we prepared some fun for hot skinny Marketa – here you can see the preparation of an awesome twister game together with the backstage of the shooting! We changed a bit rules of a party game Twister, so it was more fun for everybody…

Our new horny model prepares herself – final part

You thought it was all? Nope! Simona cannot have enough of the guy’s dick, she blows it, licks it.. and the sits on it to be properly fucked! Both assistants really enjoy this shooting, as you can see on this video! :)

Our new horny model prepares herself – part 2

When all clean and scented, she is ready to put some makeup and nice clothes on her and we can finally start with a shooting! Enjoy sexy Simona dancing for a guy and our hot assistant with camera!

Our new horny model prepares herself – part 1

Sometimes we have to wait for a model to come.. but when she finally arrives, the real fun can start! Simona stripps down and then decide to take a shower before – and of course we shot it all for you!

Blond MILF prepares for dance – part 2

When Jana is all pretty and ready, the dance can start – here you have an extraordinary opportunity to watch all the background of shooting with our beautiful assistant almost taking part of the shooting. ;)