This site contains only original material, never seen or published anywhere else: model castings, model screentests, hot behind-the-scenes, hardcore and softcore alike.

Models are in most cases amateurs, beginners and wannabes. There are also some “professionals models” (sort-of), in unusually hot “outside-the-acting” contexts.

(Like the soft-model who gives a spontaneous blowjob to a cameraman, right in the middle a “bikini-shoot” – certainly one of my favorite moments… You can obviously tell, if you watch this video, that it’s improvised, “real” and spontaneous. On her defense, she came drunk to the shoot. :- ) )

If you are here just for the pictures and the videos, you can go straight away to the content.

On the other hand, if you are curious to know a little bit more about the whole thing, that’s what this faq is for.

One last thing: your comments and feedback are always appreciated. Every album or video has a comment box which is open to everybody. You can also write me personally, especially if you are a hot young lady (but it’s ok also if you are an ugly dude, in which case some sense of humor is required, though ;- ) )



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